How Do You Say You Too In English?

Is too a formal word?

“Too” is the most informal but is often the best choice when speaking American English.

“As well” is a little more formal than “too” and less common in American spoken English.

“Also” is generally more common in writing than speech..

What is another way to say you too?

What is another word for you too?same to youlikewiseback at youdittosameagreedthe same to yousame hereme tooseconded2 more rows

Is it correct to say you too?

You, too has two primary uses, and the meaning of the phrase depends quite a bit on punctuation. When followed by a period or exclamation point, you, too is used as an answer to someone’s general good wishes.

What can I say instead of too?

What is another word for too?moreoveralsobesidesadditionallyfurthermorefurtheryetagainlikewisemore60 more rows

Is it love you too or to?

” I love you, too.” should be the correct way of saying, of writing; this “too”, means “also”, “in the same manner or way”, “likewise”. It’s more colloquial, more popularly used than to say “I also love you”.

How do you write to you too?

To, Too, and Two Apart from being spelled very similarly, to and too are pronounced the same—[too]. And there’s another word that’s also pronounced that way: the number two.

What does t/o mean in texting?

Time OutTO means “Time Out”.

How do you say you too in different ways?

Synonyms for You toolikewise. adv.back at you.same to you.feeling is mutual.ditto. adv.wish you the same.and same to you.and you.More items…

What word means right back at you?

i warmly reciprocate the same. i wish the best to you too. likewise. reciprocate the same. right back at you.

What does back at you mean?

Filters. (idiomatic, US) Used to return a greeting or insult. “Hey, good luck with that, buddy!” / “Right back at you, man!”

Is it polite to say you too?

Either one is appropriate to use in informal situations. If you want to speak more formally, use the full sentence. “You too” sounds a little slovenly and maybe a touch insincere. “And to you” sounds slightly more sincere and thus more polite.

How do you say you are too?

Though there are other ways, this is both common and commonplace. If you want to say “you too!” to someone, there are two common ways: et tu (think Caesar to Brutus) and tu quoque. The thing is that “you too” is short for “you too are X” (in this case “you also look handsome!”).

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