Question: Is Saying Anyways Correct?

Can I say anyways?

The most common use of anyways is in colloquial speech or writing or informal dialogue.

Anyway can be used in the same manner; anyways is considered more nonstandard..

What does anyways mean?

1 US, informal : anyhow, anyway. 2a archaic : anywise. b dialect : to any degree at all.

Is anyways rude?

“Anyways” is incorrect—it’s “anyway.” I don’t think that “Thanks anyway” is rude unless perhaps the person went out of his or her way to help you. … He said that not that many people are so nice.

How do you use anyways in a sentence?

“Anyways” at the beginning of a sentence usually indicates that the speaker has resumed a narrative thread: “Anyways, I told Matilda that guy was a lazy bum before she ever married him.” It also occurs at the end of phrases and sentences, meaning “in any case“: “He wasn’t all that good-looking anyways.” A slightly less …

Is there anyway or any way?

Anyway is the correct word choice. Anyways is a colloquial variant of the word anyway. It is almost universally considered incorrect. Any way (two words) means any particular course, direction, or manner.

Is anyways a proper English word?

Let’s Talk About ‘Anyways’ Anyways is a real word and has seen use meaning “in any manner or respect” for over 800 years. … Anyways is not a real word.

What’s another word for anyways?

What is another word for anyways?anywayregardlessirregardlessneverthelessnonethelessanyhownotwithstandinghoweverthoughnatheless23 more rows

How do you say anyways in polite way?

That’s what I think, anyway.”…What is another word for anyway?regardlessirregardlessneverthelessnonethelessanyhowanywaysnotwithstandinghoweverthoughnatheless52 more rows

What is the opposite of anyways?

What is the opposite word for Anyway? systematically. anyway and systematically. methodically. anyway and methodically.

What is the formal word for mad?

SYNONYMS FOR mad 1 lunatic, maniacal, crazed, crazy. 2 furious, exasperated, raging, wrathful, irate. 4 ill-advised; unsafe, dangerous, perilous. 5 frenzied.

Do you put a comma after anyways?

If the word “anyway” is placed after a sentence’s initial clause, you should place a semi-colon before it instead of a comma. The word takes no comma before it if placed at the beginning or end of a sentence. If, however, it comes in between the subject and verb of the sentence, you do need a comma before “anyway.”

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