Question: What Does Pooky Mean In Slang?

What are Pookie bears?

The Pookie Bear is a seasonal, deployable item found only during the Christmas season.

They can only be obtained by opening a Medium Present which has a random chance providing a Pookie Bear.

The Pookie Bear provides the Comfort status to anyone nearby..

What is Mon Cheri?

The phrase “mon chéri” is French for “my darling”.

What does Pookie mean in a relationship?

I love you, pookieIt is a word that you use when you describe something cute or it can be used as a nickname for a beloved one. For example, you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend “I love you, pookie”.

What is Garfield’s teddy bear’s name?

Pooky is Garfield’s teddy bear and other best friend that Garfield discovered stuffed in a drawer.

What is the meaning of Wookie?

noun A member of a fictional race of tall, hairy bipeds in the universe of the Star Wars motion pictures .

Is Pookie a bad word?

Urban Dictionary defines “pookie” variously as a romantic term of endearment and a general nickname of affection, but also as slang for a crack pipe.

What is Pookie in French?

Turns out the word “Pookie” is the short for “poukave”, a french slang word meaning snitch. The “Side” is the name of her crew, the team she works with. So in the chorus she’s with Le side and she’s simply saying to shut the door because she doesn’t want that “Pookie” getting all up in her business.

Is Pookie a girl name?

Pooky is in top trending baby Girl names list….Pooky Name Meaning.Name:PookyGender:GirlMeaning:’a cute and cuddly girl’Find Name Meaning of your Friends and family?

How do you pronounce Pookie?

Phonetic spelling of PoOkie. pook-ie. PUW-KIY. Add phonetic spelling.Meanings for PoOkie. Cute little person.Examples of in a sentence. Pookie is a shitzhu. Aya Nakamura – Pookie (English Translation) Pet of the Week: Pookie Needs a New Home. Add a sentence.Translations of PoOkie. Arabic : بوكي Translate this word/phrase.

What does Pookie nickname mean?

needs “Pookie is a common euphemism to describe something cute. It is also often used as a pet name or as a term of endearment for one’s significant other.”

What is the meaning of Oui Oui?

yes, yesoui, oui. ‘yes, yes, ‘ he babbled.

Who was Pookie?

Pookie Loc – real name Henry Lee Clark III – was a rapper and member of Jeezy’s crew. He was shot dead on May 10th, 2005 and Gucci Mane was accused of killing him. Pookie was 27 years old.

What does the name Tootsie mean?

dear, sweetheart(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : dear, sweetheart. 2 : prostitute.

What is Pooky short for?

The meaning of the name “Pooky” is: “Cute Person”.

What does Fayette mean in French?

Little fairyIn French Baby Names the meaning of the name Fayette is: Little fairy.

What are some nicknames for lovers?

Common Couple NicknamesLove.Lover.My Love.Dear.Dearest.Honey.Beloved.Babe.More items…

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