Question: What Is Best To Put Under Fondant?

What kind of icing do you put under fondant?

buttercreamIn addition to the fondant, you will need a cake that is covered with a layer of buttercream at least 1/4-inch thick.

This frosting layer helps the fondant stick to the cake and smooths out any bumps or imperfections on the cake surface, so the fondant layer looks clean and smooth..

Does buttercream or ganache go under fondant?

It’s just so easy to use and really easy to make actually. I do add buttercream between the cake layers, but I cover the outside with ganache. … The reason is that an all butter buttercream will firm up better in the fridge, which will make it easier when you go to add your fondant.

Can you put 2 layers of fondant on a cake?

I have been advised to put 2 layers of fondant on after buttercream layer to get nice smooth finish, but find when cutting that this give a very thick layer of fondant. … I use 1 layer of fondant straight away. 2 layers would be very sickly (and cost more!)

How do you stick sprinkles to fondant?

Sprinkles will stick to fondant. To add sprinkles to fondant use piping gel or water and brush the area that you want the sprinkles to be added. The sprinkles will stick to the moist fondant.

How much fondant do I need to cover a 2 tier cake?

To determine the diameter you need to roll fondant for covering the cake: measure opposite sides and top of cake across center; roll out fondant to that size, 1/4 inch thick. For example, an 8 inch, two-layer cake, with two sides each 4 inches, equals 16 inches diameter.

How do you bake with fondant?

How to Cover a Cake with FondantPrepare the cake by lightly covering with buttercream icing.Knead fondant before rolling it out. … Roll out the fondant to the size of your cake. … Gently lift the fondant over rolling pin and position on cake.Shape the fondant cake with a cake decorating smoother.

Should you chill a cake before putting fondant on it?

In hot humid weather, fondant tends to melt with condensation. So, chill the cake well before you cover with fondant. That way you will have a nice firm cake to work with. And yet, once you cover the cake with fondant, DO NOT put it back in the fridge.

How far in advance can I make a cake covered in fondant?

Fondant: Fondant can be made 1 day before, up to 5 weeks before cake is due. To store fondant, wrap well in plastic wrap, and place inside an airtight container.

Can you put a cake with fondant in the refrigerator?

Fondant cakes will wilt when removed from the refrigerator because condensation forms on the icing and weakens the fondant’s paste-like consistency. If you must store a fondant cake in the refrigerator, protect it from the cold air by wrapping with plastic wrap and placing the cake into an airtight container.

Can you put fondant on a cake without frosting?

Is it possible to cover a cake with fondant without putting frosting underneath? Probably not. The fondant really needs the buttercream to adhere to and give a nice smooth finish. … The fondant really needs the buttercream to adhere to and give a nice smooth finish.

What if fondant is too sticky?

Sticky or hard fondant. If the fondant is too soft or too sticky, you may have kneaded it too much. Add confectioner’s sugar to it, then knead again. If the fondant is hard, add some vegetable shortening to the paste.

How long does fondant take to harden?

24 to 30 hoursYou can leave fondant out at room temperature, and it will normally dry in 24 to 30 hours. However, there may be times when you need to speed up the process.

Can I use vegetable oil instead of shortening for fondant?

Because the oil itself is flavorless, the other ingredients will flavor the fondant. The two most widely published fondant recipes recommend using hydrogenated vegetable oil. … Because this shortening melts at a temperature higher than that of the body, the fondant may leave an oily sensation in the mouth.

How do you get fondant to stick to buttercream?

If the decoration is heavy or bulky, add decorative flourishes of fresh buttercream around the fondant decoration to help stabilize it. If it is large and smooth, such as a fondant ribbon, dust your fingers in cornstarch again and gently press the decoration until it sits smoothly on the buttercream.

How do you keep fondant from sticking to the counter?

Prevent fondant from sticking to your counter by lightly dust your work surface and fondant roller with confectioners’ sugar or cornstarch. You can also use solid vegetable shortening to prevent sticking if you live in a very dry climate or if your fondant is already a little dry.

Can you use fondant on any type of cake?

Hi Ambeline, Yes you can put fondant over a chocolate cake. You will need to first frost the cake in buttercream though so that the chocolate color does not show through and so that the surface is smoothed out.