Question: What Temperature Should You Store Vinyl Records?

Can I store my vinyl records in the garage?

The short answer to this question is no.

Storing vinyl records in your garage will lead to unnecessary damage and could cost you an entire record collection..

How do you store old vinyl records?

Vinyl records need to be stored in an upright position to ensure they stay in good condition. Records that have been stored at a slant for an extended period of time can warp because of the uneven pressure that has been placed on them. This is why records are often kept in crates that position them upright.

Is a sealed record worth more?

Sealed records are always worth more than unsealed ones, no matter what.

Do vinyl records go bad?

While there is no expiration date on a vinyl record, the answer lies within how well you take care of your records over the years. … Read on to learn more about how to take care of records and make them last as long as possible, keeping them in pristine condition.

Can a warped vinyl record be fixed?

Fortunately, warped records can often be fixed, so you can be back to rockin’ and rollin’ in no time. You’ll need two sheets of glass larger than your album, but small enough to fit in your oven. Heavier or thicker glass tends to work best.

Does vinyl melt in the sun?

Remember, vinyl is a plastic that has a relatively low melting point, so all of that reflected sunlight will simply heat up and melt your vinyl.

Should I keep vinyl records sealed?

To Keep Sealed, or NOT To Keep Sealed, THAT Is the Question Ok, so rule of thumb is that sealed vinyl, is MINT vinyl. Cracking that seal lowers the value, not to mention the mystery.

Is it OK to store vinyl records flat?

Records shouldn’t be stored horizontally, or flat. As you will see, archival record boxes are designed for the records to be stood and stored vertically. Storing vinyl records flat can place too much pressure on the records lower in the stack causing damage over time.

How do you destroy a vinyl record?

Seven Bad Habits That Will Destroy Your Vinyl RecordsTouching the record surface. Let’s start with the basics: touching the record surface is a big no-no. … Stacking your records. … Leaving your records out. … Carelessly returning the record to its sleeve. … Bad cleaning practice. … Cueing up records with your hand. … Not waiting for the record platter to STOP.Feb 22, 2017

Will records go up in value?

The value of records never goes down. If you buy a brand-new record today, and leave it sealed, you can be certain that it’s value will either increase or stay the same. It won’t go down.

How hot is too hot for vinyl records?

A link with quote: Never place records in direct sunlight or heat; this too will cause them to warp. (When transporting records, avoid leaving them in a hot vehicle!) Records should be stored at a temperature no warmer than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but are safe in temperatures down to 45 degrees.

What is a sealed album?

Sealed means that the album (or whatever you ordered) hasn’t been opened yet so that means the clear wrap will still be on the product. If it’s unsealed, that means the person who created the group order has opened it and looked through the product, most likely to check if everything is in there and in good shape.

Is sunlight bad for vinyl records?

Don’t store vinyl records in sunlight Direct sunlight can deteriorate the album artwork on the album covers and heat-up the vinyl records so that they get soft and potentially warped. Always keep your records away from direct sunlight.

Can you stack boxes of records?

Do not stack more than 4 boxes on top of one another. Albums are heavy and stacking them that high risks damage to the records in the lowermost boxes. If you can place the containers on shelves or otherwise not stack them at all, that’s ideal.

How does a record warp?

Vinyl records warp because of extra weight, heat and direct sunlight. … When records heat up they become soft. After they are soft they will warp with virtually any pressure that is applied. Even without external heat, a vinyl record can warp from any extra weight or pressure that it is put under.

How do you get a warped off vinyl?

Here are the general steps:Get two large panes of glass that will fit in your oven.Place the record between the two panes of glass, making sure the record is clean first.Preheat the oven to its lowest temperature setting.Put your vinyl & glass sandwich in the oven for 30 minutes.Turn the heat off.More items…•Jun 23, 2016

Can vinyl records be damaged by heat?

A typical vinyl record can start warping due to heat at a temperature of 140°F (60°C) and can melt at temperatures exceeding 212°F (100°C). Other factors, such as humidity, sunlight exposure, and improper storage, can drastically impact the resilience of a record.

Is it okay to store vinyl records in the cold?

Vinyl becomes brittle at sub-zero (Celsius) temperatures. … Moving the record from cold to warm place may cause water condensation, that in turn might ruin the paper label or outer sleeve. Other than that, records aren’t really affected by the cold.

Will vinyl records melt in a hot car?

Vinyl records begin to melt at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100C). Temperatures inside of cars can go up 43 degrees within one hour so as long as the outside temperature isn’t above 169 degrees then your records won’t melt.

How do you record sunlight?

Sunshine is recorded with a simple, yet clever device, called a Campbell-Stokes recorder, the design of which goes back to 1879. In this device a glass sphere concentrates sunlight onto a card and the amount of scorching on the card records the amount of sunlight that had fallen on it.