Question: Where Do I Get Nightmare Prism?

Where is Sunset prism Ni no Kuni 2?

The first item he wants you to find is two sunset prisms.

You can get some from either Mining Camp No.

2 or Mining Camp No.


Where is nightmare prism Ni no Kuni 2?

You can get them from Swift Solutions and I believe you can also get it from Evermore later on from the Gather Spots.

Where can I find snazzy string?

Can get it in Wondrous Bazaar (Not sure if max lvl required, mine already was), Calmlands, Unsung shrine.

Where is runaway cave Ni no Kuni?

Runaway Cave is on the river between Heartlands and Rubbly Ruins. On the river head southwest until you come across this cave.

Where can I get pure wool Ni no Kuni?

Despite the way everything was playing out, pure wool is actually an item you can get from the Bountiful and/or Wondrous Bazaar in Evermore, which are both tier 3 facilities for gathering resources. You only need a single one, so return to Yip-Yip once you’ve gotten it to finish the quest.

Where can I find Loonycorn?

User Info: DarcKage. There’s a sidequest in Goldpaw that rewards 5 looneycorn. Think it was 020. Otherwise you can get it from the Pinwheel Flats area northwest of Broadleaf.

Where can I buy dream prisms?

Mining Camp No. 5Return with the item and the last one will be a dream prism, definitely the rarest of the three. You can only get them from Mining Camp No. 5 (at this point in the game), at level two. Once you return with the item, the quest will be over.

Where can I find frosty fluff cotton?

You can get frostyfluff cotton from either then Wondrous Bazaar or the Bountiful Bazaar. Once you accrue three clumps of the cotton, hand it over to Nu Bi.

Where do I get the eagle feather bolt?

Evermore Hunting Lodge 5Required Item: Bolt Eagle Feather – Available from Evermore Hunting Lodge 5.

Where can I find comely coral?

The item says Heartlands and Reight Bright Beacon. You can also get it from the first fish market, though I’m not sure what level it has to be at. Finally, you can buy it from the general store in your town (again, not sure what level, but it’s the first coral that’s in the list).

Where can I buy Prism peppers?

It’s accessible by taking the ship to the end of the canal north of Evermore. The chest should be near the first wave of enemies inside the cave.

Which higgledy is friends with a mermaid?

Unfortunately, she can’t see them, so she asks for your help. Her favorite is a higgledy who is friends with a mermaid princess. This particular higgledy is named Droop the Drenched, and you will be able to make him at Evermore.

Where can I find Seraphic silk?

She wants three bolts of seraphic silk, which you can get from the Wondrous Bazaar (tier 3 facility), Bountiful Bazaar (tier 3 facility), Thriving Bazaar (tier 2), or Bustling Bazaar (tier 2). Once you have enough, bring them to Mylas’ mother to finish the sidequest.

Where can I buy Sunnysmile cotton?

Evermore Wondrous Bazaar 3Required Item: Sunnysmile Cotton – Available from Evermore Wondrous Bazaar 3. Stone #24: Shrine That Time Forgot – On the hills, on the water west of Broadleaf. Requires the rejuvenate spell to access the stone.

Where can I find Socktopuses?

Socktopuses are one of many items that can be collected from the Fresher Fish Market and the Freshest Fish Market, so if you want a higher chance of getting the item in the kingdom store, place citizens at both facilities.

How do you win head to head in hydropolis?

Speak with the children near the Siren’s Rest in Hydropolis after completing Chapter 6. Then, you must defeat Big Runner in a race. Don’t follow his path, for you will surely lose. Instead, head to the left toward the Emporion Market.

How do you get ice prism Ni no Kuni 2?

The quickest way to get a few of these Prisms in Ni No Kuni 2 is to head to Swift Solutions. He will sell you them for a set amount of Tokens and he never runs out. Just complete some tasks for him and stock up on whatever you need.

Where can I find ice prism Ni no Kuni 2?

Where to Farm Elemental Prisms in Ni no Kuni IISwift Solutions. Perhaps the best place to start is at Swift Solutions. … Farm in Evermore. Scattered around Evermore are plots of land that all you to create Mining Camps. … Defeat the Incarnates.Mar 30, 2018

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