Quick Answer: Can I Put Buttercream On Top Of Fondant?

Can you put 2 layers of fondant on a cake?

I have been advised to put 2 layers of fondant on after buttercream layer to get nice smooth finish, but find when cutting that this give a very thick layer of fondant.

I use 1 layer of fondant straight away.

2 layers would be very sickly (and cost more!).

Do you have to frost a cake before putting on fondant?

Before applying fondant, a “sticky” surface should be applied to the cake which will help the fondant adhere to it. Many spread a thin layer of buttercream before laying out the fondant. … Use royal icing to adhere fondant pieces to a rolled fondant iced cake and for the fine decorating commonly used on wedding cakes.

Can you use chocolate buttercream under fondant?

If you want to cover your cake with buttercream and get it super smooth and then cover with fondant, this buttercream is great for that!

How far in advance can I decorate a cake with buttercream icing?

For the working mom – When should I decorate my cake?You can bake your cake ahead of time, prepare your buttercream as well as your fondant and freeze these.Two days before you want to start decorating, thaw it in the fridge first then on the counter.It’s best to work with semi-frozen of chilled cakes.More items…•Mar 17, 2012

Can you ice a cake with buttercream the day before?

Yes, of course icing a cake by buttercream one day before is very cool and gives the complete rest to your cream and gives the nice shining to your icing but after icing doesn’t put the cake in the deep freezer a normal freezer temperature is good for buttercream cake. A deep freezer temperature can spoil your icing.

What icing goes under fondant?

buttercreamFondant is usually applied on top of a thick layer of buttercream. Buttercream is essential to the fondant’s success. By smoothing any irregularities on the cake’s surface, binding up loose crumbs, and concealing the cake’s color, this layer of buttercream contributes significantly to the final appearance of the cake.

Can I leave fondant out overnight?

Tips for storing fondant cakes. You can store fondant cakes at room temperature for 3-4 days if you live in a cool and dry climate and if the filling inside the cake does not need refrigeration.

Will black fondant bleed on white fondant?

Do you think the black fondant will bleed into the white butter cream? No as long as you don’t get the back of it too wet when attaching it. … It will be fine as long as the black fondant doesn’t slip. Just put a little bit of vanilla (or whatever you’re using).

Can you refrigerate a buttercream cake with fondant decorations?

For buttercream cakes requiring fondant decorations, remove buttercream cake from refrigerator and let rest at room temperature for at least 45 minutes. Apply fondant decorations as close to delivery (or pickup) time as possible. Keep at room temperature.

Does buttercream need to set before fondant?

If you’re using buttercream, you can pop your cake in the fridge, just for about 15 – 20 minutes or so, then let it sit on your counter or table while you roll out your fondant. A bit of condensation will form just enough to help the fondant stick to the buttercream.

Will fondant soften on buttercream?

The moisture in the buttercream can soften toppers made with fondant. … Another tip is wait until the buttercream has completely crusted over and then pop the hearts on at the latest possible time before the wedding.

How long should buttercream set before fondant?

about two hoursHow long should buttercream set before fondant? Buttercream should set for about two hours.

Does fondant crack when dry?

If you take too long to work with or roll out the fondant, this can cause it to start drying out and cracking when you move it. … Kneading in large amounts of dry ingredients will change the consistency of the fondant and dry it out. Resist the urge to use icing sugar or cornflour when kneading or colouring your fondant.

How do you attach buttercream to fondant?

If the decoration is heavy or bulky, add decorative flourishes of fresh buttercream around the fondant decoration to help stabilize it. If it is large and smooth, such as a fondant ribbon, dust your fingers in cornstarch again and gently press the decoration until it sits smoothly on the buttercream.

Will fondant bleed onto buttercream?

Will colored fondant bleed onto buttercream? It’s not a good idea to put fondant circles on buttercream too soon, because the color could bleed (and I see you’re using red!) and the buttercream might soften the fondant – but this might only be a problem in very hot, sticky climates like mine!

Should you chill buttercream before piping?

For the best results chill your cake and bring the icing to room temperature. … If you are making dark colored buttercream icing such as purple or red it is important to allow the icing to sit for at least 3 to 4 hours before using it because the colors often deepen over time.

Is fondant more expensive than buttercream?

Fondant is actually more expensive than other icings, which is why most bakers recommend buttercream instead for budget-savvy brides. … Buttercream has the same smooth consistency as fondant, but frankly, it’s richer and more palatable.

How long does it take fondant decorations to dry?

24 to 30 hoursYou can leave fondant out at room temperature, and it will normally dry in 24 to 30 hours. However, there may be times when you need to speed up the process. Take a look at the following tips for drying your fondant fast.

How do you cover a cake in fondant without buttercream icing?

The fondant really needs the buttercream to adhere to and give a nice smooth finish. You could try covering the cake with piping gel, but that wouldn’t have the best flavor and you’d have an extremely sticky surface that you could t work with. Piping gel is like super glue to fondant.

How thick should fondant Buttercream be?

In addition to the fondant, you will need a cake that is covered with a layer of buttercream at least 1/4-inch thick. This frosting layer helps the fondant stick to the cake and smooths out any bumps or imperfections on the cake surface, so the fondant layer looks clean and smooth.

Can I pipe buttercream icing on fondant?

Hi Pamela, Yes you can use royal icing to pipe your borders on a fondant cake. You can also use buttercream icing.