Quick Answer: How Do You Get The Veil Spell?

Where can I get feel good fungus?

Take the job to find some “feel good fungus” from the forest west of Hamelin (it’s a hidden entrance, like Errand 044) and take it back to the Hamelin NPC.

The problem is the girl in the forest will trade you “feel good fungus” for “car-rock-ache” (AKA carrot cake)..

How do you leave the ivory tower in Ni no Kuni?

yes you can get out of Ivory Tower whenever you want , just cast Vacate spell and then use the dragon to fly away from Ivory Tower, btw if you are level 70 or above you want have much trouble beating the final boss.

What is the answer to Horace’s riddle?

FINEST FIBERThe answer to Horace’s riddle is “FINEST FIBER”. Oliver will get the Vacate spell from the ghost.

How do you get the green chest in Hamelin?

Standing in front of the chest facing North toward the palace, walk forward and then look to your left. There should be a lightpost there. Walk up to the lightpost, and stand to the left side of it as you approach it. Turn around and face East toward the chest, and walk forward slightly until the !

Who was the third smallest Ni no Kuni?

DRAGON OF THE WESTHorace (the ghost who gave you Spirit Medium) may be near the milk fountain and will give you a new Tale of Wonder and ask you a few questions about it. The third smallest target is the “DRAGON OF THE WEST”; you get the Draw Poison spell. Note you can spell the answer in all lower-case if you like.

Where are the pigeons Ni no Kuni?

You’ll need to find three tame pigeons in Al Mamoon; the first is around the corner, next to the milk fountain outside the Cat’s Cradle. Cast Nature’s Tongue to speak with it, sending him back to the boy. The second pigeon can be found next to the milk fountain on the right side of the town square.

How do you get the Golden Grove Green chest?

User Info: OldSkool224. Coming from ding dong dell area go south until the first mushroom steps going down. When at the top of those mushrooms look to the right and you will see the chest. Move down onto one of the lower mushrooms to target and open the chest.

How do you get the green chest in the forest glade?

The Forest Dweller chests are the worst, because there’s not much rhyme or reason to where you should stand. Try and line yourself up with the front of the chest, so that you’re stadning in front of the lock. Then walk up and down that line until the exclamation appears. That’s about all you can do.

How do you make a candle cutter?

Emberstones are generally found from slaying monsters around Shimmering Sands. The Flint Dagger is sold in Al-Mamoon. Once you have the ingredients, use the Mix and Match option in the Alchemy menu with the two items and create the Candle Cutter.

Where is Horace in Ara Memoriae?

ARA MEMORIA Horace will be awaiting you in the Ara Memoriae if you answered all his riddles till now and defeat Gallus half-way through the Ivory Tower. He will be at the northern most “pot”, and asks you to give him an answer of “WIZARD’S ROBES”.

Who was the third smallest?

User Info: EgHeadFool. It’s the third smallest. If you read the fable it’s about, the order from smallest to largest goes: the prince, the lion, the dragon of the west, and then the dragon of the east.

How many errands Ni no Kuni?

136With 136 of them, there’s much more to come back to should you ever hunger for just a bit more content.

Where is Horace after Perdida?

Perdida: Horace can be found in Swift Solutions. The answer is “Jabal al-dukhan.” Ding Dong Dell: Return to Ding Dong Dell after clearing Nevermore. The answer is “Unleash.”

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