Quick Answer: Should I Metamorphose Drongo?

When should I metamorphose familiars?

For the purposes of playing through the game, you should metamorphose your familiars as soon as you can, so you can get started building up their new forms early.

But if your goal is to absolutely max out the power of a familiar, you’ll want to do all your metamorphoses at high levels..

Is Idler good Ni no Kuni?

Idler is unique in that its stats are all very well-rounded, making it suitable to fit whatever role you want. Its only notable stat is very high accuracy, which is great since its weapons of choice are axes and hammers (which reduce accuracy).

Who learns Rise and Shine Ni no Kuni?

Yes Budd learns it very early. You can get one at Ding Dong Well. What familiar can learn Rise and Shine quickly and where can I get it?

Which is better dynamite or Mermite?

The Dynamite will have a higher attack stat than that of the Mermite, but at the cost of a lower defense. Additionally, Dynamite will have a resistance to fire, but will be weak to water. Dynamite will continue to learn physical tricks, cementing its role as an offensive familiar.

What level does Gogo metamorphosis?

Esther: Gogo (level 11); Sid (level 16); and Rufton (level 12).

Is Draggle a good familiar?

Draggle is an interesting familiar and not just because you can’t recruit them in the wild. It is much slower to level than other familiars and has a much lower maximum level. This means fewer level ups but a much larger boost in stats when it does.

Who is the 4th character in Ni no Kuni?

The Loop (Games)MarcassinRomajiLarsGenderMaleAge20SpeciesHuman10 more rows

Are Golden familiars better?

Are the gold familiars stronger or more powerful than their regular versions? Nope. If you train a gold familiar and the same species of a regular color, morph them at the same levels, they’ll end up with the same stats. … Some of the familiars do have different stats.

Which is better Dragamuffin or Bedraggle?

Dragamuffin has a higher attack but Bedraggle has the higher defense (In term of both Attack, Defense, Mag. Attack, and Mag. Defense). Dragamuffin also has 50% Fire Resistance as opposed to Bedraggle’s 50% Dark resistance.

What familiars are good for Oliver?

Oliver is adept with Milites, Vermes, and Dracones.Esther prefers using Aquatica, Aves, and Flora.Swaine prefers Automata, Mortui, and Bestiae. … Marcassin prefers Daemonia, Minima, and Nymphae, hence capturing and developing one of these familiars early on for his use later.Feb 5, 2013

Which is better Fluorongo or Electrongo?

Both are excellent. Electrongo has higher magical attack and is water/ice. But the problem is it doesn’t learn more than 1 or 2 terribly useful magic attacks. Fluorongo doesn’t have quite as high magical attack but has better magic, including a healing move.

What are the strongest familiars in Ni no Kuni?

Whippersnapper is the best tank familiar for Oliver. it has high defensive stats and in its third stag, Claptrap, it can learn some healing tricks to help it stay standing. Whippersnappers are found in the Deep Dark Wood. Oroboros are very good choices for Oliver’s spell casters and healers.

Is Green Buncher good Ni no Kuni?

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch While there are many powerful Familiars in the game, few are as fun as the green buncher. … Being a familiar of the Flora type, it gets a good boost teaming up with Ester and makes a good powerhouse for her team to assist her magic skilled familiars.

Is the seed Sprite good?

Seed sprite is the best healer early to mid game, and has really good healing spells at end game. Keep her on Oliver, she performs better when controlled. Drongo is a decent nuker and healer for esther at early to mid game, but becomes a really great AoE nuker at end game.

What familiars learn rise and shine?

Give him a series of items: sleep-be-gone, cappuccino, and familiar with the ability to cast Rise and Shine (spell that cures sleep). Note: If you’re having a problem finding a familiar with the ability to cast Rise and Shine, you are able to find a hidden treasure in The Hermit’s Shell that has a Rise and Shine Gem.

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