Quick Answer: What Are The Hermits Real Names?

Is mumbo jumbo married?

Mumbo Jumbo was born on December 1, 1995, in Frimley, UK.

His first name is Oliver, and to his friends, he is known as Oli.

He is currently dating his girlfriend Vicky, whose photograph he shared on Valentine’s Day, 2017.

However, he has shown no intentions of getting engaged or married as yet..

What is Iskall85 real name?

ViktorIskall85NameViktorCountry of BirthSwedenBirthdayDecember 31, 1985 (age 35)HeightUnknownEst. Net WorthUnknown

How old is Xisumavoid?

35Xisumavoid (born: September 24, 1985 (1985-09-24) [age 35] or simply Xisuma (pronounced “Iss-oo-ma”), is an English YouTuber mostly known for his Minecraft videos.

Is HermitCraft kid friendly?

Hermitcraft is for all ages. It is family friendly. It is not aimed to be for kids specifically because YouTube and Twitch where most of the continent is are 13+. Some hermits have younger audiences than others but it is all family friendly enough for a child to watch.

Who is the richest person in Hermitcraft?

Is Keralis The Richest Hermit On Hermitcraft. Yes. All together, Keralis’s riches total to 1,218 diamonds, or 135 diamond blocks and 3 diamonds.

Who is Keralis in real life?

Keralis was born on April 30, 1980, in Poland and moved to Sweden when he was very young. He speaks in accented English marked by Polish and Swedish influences. He currently lives in Ystad, Sweden, with his wife and two sons. He worked in logistics at a truck company before he started YouTube fulltime in early 2013.

Who is Keralis married to?

Mrs Keralis is an non-Hermit who made a cameo with Keralis in Season 1. She is the wife of Keralis and later appeared in another series with Keralis called Wife vs Minecraft.

How old is ZombieCleo?

ZombieCleo (born: May 16, 1981 (1981-05-16) [age 40]) is an English gaming YouTuber and member of the Hermitcraft Minecraft SMP server.

What is wrong with GoodTimesWithScar?

GoodTimesWithScar, also known as Scar for short, is a YouTuber with over 1,450,000 subscribers, and over 238,000 followers on Twitch . … GoodTimesWithScar has a neuromuscular disease that results in him using a wheelchair as a mobility aid. He also requires external oxygen to breathe.

Who is Rendog?

Rendog, known as Ren for short, is a South African-British Gaming YouTuber, and is an active member of the Hermitcraft server. He joined Hermitcraft at the beginning of Season 4, along with Iskall85, Welsknight, Cubfan135 and GoodTimesWithScar. He is currently a full-time YouTuber.

Do the Hermits cheat?

So to answer your “question”: no, they don’t cheat – they just mine a lot.

What is Falsesymmetry real name?

KatyHermitCraft/falsesymmetryfalsesymmetryPersonal nameKatyBorn31 May 1991 (age 29)CountryUnited KingdomNationalityBritish3 more rows•May 18, 2020

How old is Keralis?

More Facts of KeralisFull Name:Arek Roman KisowskiBorn Date:30 Apr, 1980Age:41 yearsHoroscope:TaurusLucky Number:716 more rows•May 7, 2020

Did Docm77 leave Hermitcraft?

Trivia. Docm77 became inactive on Hermitcraft while moving into a new house. He wrote on Twitter that he will return on the 29th of June, 2020, after taking a 2 month break. He has since returned.

What is Keralis accent?

Keralis was born in Poland and moved to Sweden when he was young. He developed an accent that is a mix between Polish, Swedish, and English. Playing video games is his full time job and, although it can be extremely time-consuming, he loves it.

Where is Renthedog?

EnglandRen (born: October 11), better known online as Rendog, also known as renthedog or renbob, is a South African gaming YouTuber currently residing in England, and is an active member on the HermitCraft Minecraft server.

Can you join Hermitcraft?

Hermitcraft is an invite-only server: the Hermits decide who to invite. Right now they have enough players for the community to feel tight-knit and manageable, and they don’t seem interested in adding anybody new.

What is Xisumavoid real name?

Jonathan David ClareXisumavoid’s real name is Jonathan David Clare.

Who are all the hermits?

777static777, BdoubleO100, CilantroGamer, Cubehamster, Dinnerbone, Generikb, GuudeBoulderfist, Kiershar, Marc_IRL, Shawnvmartin, SokarEntertainment and The Pixelnerds.

How old is BdoubleO100?

38John Booko (born: October 12, 1982 (1982-10-12) [age 38]), better known online as BdoubleO100, BdoubleO or simply Bdubs, is an American YouTube gamer and vlogger on his second channel who is best known for his Minecraft videos, specifically his work as a former member of the MindCrack server.

Is Grian married?

Grian married his wife in a small, intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family. The covid-19 pandemic has effectively ruled out the huge gatherings associated with weddings.

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