Quick Answer: What Country Is ZombieCleo From?

Is ZombieCleo British?

ZombieCleo is a British Youtuber and active member of the Hermitcraft Server.

She has been active on Youtube since June of 2011..

Who is JoeHills Hermitcraft?

JoeHills, known for short as Joe, joined Hermitcraft in May 2012 in the fifth week of Season 1 and is currently active. He is one of five people who have been involved in Hermitcraft since Season 1, the others being BdoubleO100, Hypnotizd, Keralis, and XisumaVoid.

How old is Keralis?

More Facts of KeralisFull Name:Arek Roman KisowskiBorn Date:30 Apr, 1980Age:41 yearsHoroscope:TaurusLucky Number:716 more rows•May 7, 2020

Who is the richest hermit?

Often dubbed ‘the archetypal super-rich hermit’, American businessman Howard Hughes first made his money as a movie producer in the 1920s and 30s, working on films such as Scarface (1932).

Is Grian married?

Grian’s Wife The YouTuber posted two Instagram photos announcing the proposal: One showed the gorgeous sea and blue sky that provided a romantic backdrop for the special moment, and the other showed the engagement ring on Grian’s fiancée’s finger. They married in summer 2020.

Who is the youngest person on Hermitcraft?

MumboMumbo is indeed the youngest, according the the faq.

What is ZombieCleo real name?

ZombieCleo, or simply Cleo, is a Let’s Play commentator and an active member of the HermitCraft server. She was invited onto the server by joehillssays for the HermitCraft map reset on June 2013. She runs a personal Minecraft survival multiplayer server called “Bob” for her friends….HermitCraft/ZombieCleo.ZombieCleoOther namesCleo4 more rows•Dec 1, 2019

Is FalseSymmetry English?

FalseSymmetry (born: May 31, 1991 (1991-05-31) [age 30]) is an English gaming YouTuber and member of the HermitCraft server. She is also a former graphic designer.

Is ZombieCleo a teacher?

She is a teacher. Before becoming a teacher, she was an engineer, working near public buildings. She became a teacher after seeing a teacher struggling to control a class, and thinking “I could do a better job than that.” She taught secondary school science but now teaches primary school children around the age of 5.

Who is Keralis in real life?

Keralis was born on April 30, 1980, in Poland and moved to Sweden when he was very young. He speaks in accented English marked by Polish and Swedish influences. He currently lives in Ystad, Sweden, with his wife and two sons. He worked in logistics at a truck company before he started YouTube fulltime in early 2013.

What is Xisumavoid real name?

Jonathan David ClareXisumavoid’s real name is Jonathan David Clare.

Is FalseSymmetry a girl?

FalseSymmetry, also known as False for short, is an active Hermit who joined in Season 2. She currently has 403,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her most viewed video is Hermitcraft 7 055 | SNEAKING INTO THE RESISTANCE HQ 🤫.

Does FalseSymmetry have a boyfriend?

Who is the boyfriend of FalseSymmetry? She is single, as of 2021. As a wide circle of friends and her social media network is very large. She has some very close friendships and relationships.

What is Falsesymmetry real name?

KatyHermitCraft/falsesymmetryfalsesymmetryPersonal nameKatyBorn31 May 1991 (age 29)CountryUnited KingdomNationalityBritish3 more rows•May 18, 2020

Who is Rendog?

Rendog, known as Ren for short, is a South African-British Gaming YouTuber, and is an active member of the Hermitcraft server. He joined Hermitcraft at the beginning of Season 4, along with Iskall85, Welsknight, Cubfan135 and GoodTimesWithScar. He is currently a full-time YouTuber.

How old is Iskall85?

35Viktor (born: December 31, 1985 (1985-12-31) [age 35]), better known online as iskall85, is a Swedish gaming YouTuber and an active member of the Minecraft server HermitCraft.

Does Keralis have a son?

He and his wife have two sons, Damian and Kian.

How old is Goodtimeswithscar?

39 years oldGoodtimeswithscar is 39 years old. He was born on August 19, 1982.

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