Quick Answer: What Does Patootie Mean In English?

Can you call a guy Cutie Patootie?

Cutie patootie Or at least as legit as urban dictionary can be.

Use this on your partner and tell them they’re so cute the word cute has to be morphed into something cuter, hence cutie patootie..

What is Patootie mean?

noun US slang. 1. buttocks; bottom. 2. a sweetheart, girlfriend, etc.

Where did the phrase Cutie Patootie come from?

Senior Member. Welcome to the forum, both of you! Actually Patootie dates back to the 1920s and was simply a term of endearment to one’s sweetheart or any pretty girl.

What does Sweet Patootie mean?

sweet patootie rate. Or: patootie : 1. A term of approbation for an attractive woman, possibly derived from sweet potato.

How do you spell Sweet Patootie?

slang You can be absolutely certain that something will happen. Sometimes used ironically. (“Patootie” is a slang term for the buttocks.) You bet your sweet patootie I’m going to that concert—I’ve been saving up to buy a ticket for months now!

How do you say Cutie Patootie in Spanish?

Then this cutie patootie took me to this bar called MacLaren’s, right underneath his apartment. Y este chico tan lindo me llevo a un bar llamado “MacLaren’s”, justo debajo de su apartamento….cutiela monadapatootieno direct translation

What’s another word for Cutie?

What is another word for cutie?knockoutlookerbabefoxdollhottiedreamboattendishshowstopper37 more rows

Is Patootie a real word?

The buttocks. (chiefly US, slang) The buttocks. … Patootie is an attractive girl or a girlfriend, or is a slang term to refer to someone’s buttocks. The girl that a man is dating is an example of a patootie.

What does Boyo mean in Welsh?

boi’ō Filters. (sometimes derogatory (see usage notes)) A stereotypically Welsh form of address for a man (usually younger than the speaker). noun.

What does cute potato mean?

It means that they don’t believe that they look cute. They think that they ugly like a potato.

What is Cutie Pie means?

: a cute person : sweetheart.

Is Buttercup a cute nickname?

When a woman calls you buttercup, she is expressing her feelings towards you. It’s more than just a nickname; it’s a form of romantic expression. … Take care of that woman, give her a cute nickname, and keep her happy.

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