Quick Answer: What Is A Chassis In Shipping?

What is a port chassis?

Chassis are used by truckers to transport shipping containers between ports, railyards, container depots, and shipper facilities.

This type of trucking is referred to as drayage or intermodal trucking.

They are only used to haul containers within a port or from a port to a shipper and vice versa..

What is a chassis split fee?

Chassis Split Fees A chassis split occurs when the container is not located in the same place as the chassis. In this scenario, the trucking company may assess a chassis split fee – generally between $50 to $110 – to cover the cost of taking the chassis to the container location.

How do chassis pools work?

What is a Chassis Pool? A Neutral Chassis Pool consists of a group of third-party owned chassis domiciled at a facility and available to shipping lines and truckers for short-term rental. …  The third-party owns the chassis and rents them to users (i.e. steamship, truckers).

What is Oog flip fee?

An OOG Flip Fee is charged for moves where trucker is delivering/receiving intact flat-rack or open top.

How much does a tri axle chassis weight?

40′ TRI-AXLE CONTAINER CHASSISGENERAL PARAMETERSTare WeightApproximately 8,500 lbsGVWR75,000 LBSConspicuityMeets DOT requirementsMain BeamsAll structural steel is ASTM-A572, Grade 50, or ASTM-A607, Grade 50 or better. All structural fasteners are Grade 5 or better and are zinc coated.30 more rows

What means chassis?

supporting frame: the supporting frame of a structure (such as an automobile or television) Leaf springs are attached to the car’s chassis. also : the frame and working parts (as of an automobile or electronic device) exclusive of the body or housing.

What is tri axle?

A tri-axle vehicle refers to the number of driving axles the vehicle possesses, not including thesteering axle. This type of axle configuration is commonly associated with large trucks and heavy equipment. … Dump trucks, tow trucks and trucks that specialize in hauling heavy loads commonly use a tri-axle design.

How much does a 20 foot chassis weight?

Standard 20′ Container ChassisGENERAL PARAMETERSTare WeightApproximately 6,600 lbsGVWR54,000 LBSConspicuityMeets DOT requirementsMain BeamsFabricated I-beam 12 in deep, 19 lb/ft, hot rolled steel, ASTM A572-5032 more rows

How much does a container chassis cost?

If you want to buy a container chassis, costs start from USD 5,000 and can go up to USD 30,000 – varying according to your specifications.

What is a marine chassis?

An ocean container chassis is a wheeled structure designed to carry marine containers for the purpose of truck movement between terminals and shipping facilities. It is a simple electromechanical device composed of a steel frame, tires, brakes and a lighting system.

What is the difference between a chassis and a trailer?

A chassis is a special trailer or undercarriage used to transport ocean containers over the road. A chassis will be necessary for a shipment traveling by truck and will incur a chassis fee. A tri-axle chassis will be used for overweight FCL shipments traveling by truck.

What are demurrage charges?

Demurrage is a charge applied to shipments left in a terminal after the allotted free time. … Every commercial shipper will likely run into demurrage charges at some point. And while charges vary from terminal to terminal, the average cost of demurrage continues to rise year after year.

What is a dry run in trucking?

A dry run is when a trucker is not able to successfully complete the pickup or delivery of a shipment.

How high is a container chassis?

40 Foot Straight Frame Container Chassis40 Foot Straight Frame Chassis Specifications:Overall Length:40′-10”Overall Width:96”King Pin Location:30” from rear face of front bolsterCoupler Height:48”12 more rows

What is chassis fee in USA?

Fee charged by ocean carriers at certain U.S. ports for the use of their chassis. This fee is to encourage shippers and truckers to provide their own chassis for pick-up and delivery of ocean containers, and/or to use the common chassis pool now provided by a few ports on the U.S. East Coast.

How do I pick up a package from port?

You simply go to the warehouse (in the case of LCL freight) or the port (for containers) where your goods are and pick them up. If you are picking up LCL freight, the warehouse may charge you $25-50 for a dock fee which is often only payable in cash, so bring cash with you just in case.

What is the difference between cartage and drayage?

However, one distinction for container drayage is that drayage usually means transporting the entire container and cartage usually means breaking down the contents of the container into smaller units and then transporting them by road to locations within a metropolitan area.

What does pre pull mean?

A pre-pull is when a trucker picks up a container from the port and it is stored overnight at the trucker’s yard, as opposed to being immediately delivered. This can be done to avoid demurrage fees.