What Does Toe Stand For In English?

What is ISO iec15408?

ISO/IEC 15408-1:2009 establishes the general concepts and principles of IT security evaluation and specifies the general model of evaluation given by various parts of ISO/IEC 15408 which in its entirety is meant to be used as the basis for evaluation of security properties of IT products..

What does toe stand for in business?

TOE. Total Ownership Experience. TOE. Total Operating Expense(s)

What is toe in cyber security?

Common Criteria evaluations are performed on computer security products and systems. Target of Evaluation (TOE) – the product or system that is the subject of the evaluation. The evaluation serves to validate claims made about the target. … The TOE is evaluated against the SFRs (Security Functional Requirements.

What does toe stand for in insurance?

TOE — Total Operating Expense.

What is a good sentence for toe?

Examples of toe in a Sentence I accidentally stepped on her toe. I stubbed my toe on the table’s leg. My sock has a hole in the toe. the toe of her boot the toe of the peninsula Verb She toed off her shoes.

What does the acronym toe stand for?

Telephone Outage Emergency (Emergency Alert System Code) TOE. Total Ownership Experience.

What is the English meaning of toe?

/toʊ/ any of the five long, thin parts at the end of the foot, similar to the fingers of the hand: I broke a toe when I caught my foot in a door. Toe also refers to the end of a shoe or sock: That sock has a hole in the toe.

What does toe stand for Military?

Table of Organization and EquipmentThe Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) is a document that prescribes the wartime mission, capabilities, organizational structure, and mission essential personnel and equipment requirements for military units.

What does toe mean in civil engineering?

TOE Drawing Abbreviation1TOEBusiness, Development, Technology1TOEEngineering, Construction, Building

What does eating toes mean?

Foot Fetishism (redirected from Sucking toes) A pronounced sexual interest in feet (or shoes), which is the most common sexual preference for otherwise non-sexual body parts.

What’s another word for toe?

What is another word for toe?appendagedactyldigitphalangesphalanxhooffingerextremitythumbpointer11 more rows

What is toe document?

Overview of the TOE The target of evaluation (TOE) is the configuration of MarkLogic Server that is certified by the Common Criteria evaluation process as the proper setup of the environment in which an evaluated configuration of MarkLogic Server can run. … Common Criteria Evaluation Process.

What does toe mean in engineering?

toe-in in Automotive Engineering If a car has toe-in, it means that the front edges of the wheels are closer to each other than the rear edges.

What does toe out mean?

: inclination of the wheels of an automotive vehicle so that either pair is closer together at the back than at the front — compare toe-in.

What does toe mean in construction?

Toe nailingTermDefinitionToe nailingTo drive a nail in at a slant. Method used to secure floor joists to the plate.

What does toe mean in finance?

Transfer of EquityTOE stands for Transfer of Equity (finance) Suggest new definition.

What is the first toe called?

The first toe, also known as the hallux (“big toe” or “great toe”), the innermost toe. The second toe, or “long toe” The third toe, or “middle toe” The fourth toe, or “ring toe”

What is CC certification?

Common Criteria (often abbreviated as CC) is an international set of standardized guidelines and specifications that were developed to evaluate information security products. Specifically, Common Criteria ensures that certified products meet an agreed-upon security standard for government deployments.

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