What’S The Meaning Of Same Here?

What does same with me mean?

“Same with me” is used to state that your are in a similar situation.


Bob: I haven’t slept the past 3 days.

Mark: Same with me.

Both can often be used interchangeably..

What the meaning of here?

1 : in or at this place Stand here. 2 : at this time : happening now Summer is here at last. 3 : to or into this place : hither Come here.

How do you use same?

When to Use “Same” In essence, stating that something is the same means that they are one thing. ‘The “same” is used after a noun + noun + verb. It can also be used in between two nouns. When used with “the,” “same” connotes equal in importance, shape, size, or value.

What is the use of here?

When we use here, it typically refers to the place where the speaker is, and we see the position of people and things from the speaker’s point of view: Do you want to stay here or go to another restaurant? Could you come here and help me for a minute?

What Here you go means?

A: “Here you go,” an idiomatic expression that showed up in writing in the 1800s, is a casual way of saying “Here it is” when you give someone something that’s requested. … In the idiomatic expression “here you go,” Fortescue writes, “there is of course nothing left of any of the original meaning of ‘go’ at all.”

What is the reply of nice to meet you?

Hello, the most common answer is “Nice to meet you too”. You can also say “Thank you. It’s very nice to meet you as well”, “Am glad to meet you too”.

Is it rude to say you too?

“You too” might not be the most graceful expression, but in this case it is meant well. Even the crudest four letter words are not necessarily rude. They may quite literally be the only form of expression the speaker knows.

What does it mean when a girl says you too?

The meaning if someone says”you’re too much”,is a way of speaking that refers to someone who is doing more than what is normal or usual. It’s a way of saying someone is above and beyond in their character or behavior,for any number of reasons, they’ve more than accomplished a goal or behavior.

What is the reply to Have a Lovely Day?

So, from a friend or a person you know it is fine and you should respond with any of the usual, hi, thanks, you too, so nice thanks, thank you, etc. with a warm smile.

What is meaning of same here?

—used to say that one thinks, feels, or wants the same thing as someone else “I’m tired.” “Same here.””I’ll have a coffee.” “Same here, please.”

What is the answer of same here?

Same here is another phrase that is very common in conversation, and is used to confirm that you have had the same experience as the speaker: “My date never showed up.” “Yeah, same here.” “When I picked up the phone, the caller just hung up on me!”

What does it mean when a guy says same here?

I feel the sameWhen someone says, ‘Same here,” it means, “I feel the same,” or, “I’m of the same opinion.” It’s an expression of agreement with whatever you have just said.

Is same as meaning?

: someone or something that is exactly like (another person or thing being discussed or referred to) Your idea is the same as his.

How do you respond to likewise?

When someone does something likewise, they do it the same way someone else did it. Sometimes people say “likewise” to mean that they’re saying the same thing someone else just said. I used one of the little spoons to eat my soup, and my friend did likewise. “I’m happy to see you!” “Likewise!”

What is the word when everything is the same?

uniformity. noun. the state of being the same as each other or as everything else.

Where do we from here meaning?

If someone says ‘Where do we go from here? ‘ they are asking what should be done next, usually because a problem has not been solved in a satisfactory way.

What can I say instead of same?

Some common synonyms of same are equal, equivalent, identical, selfsame, and very.

How do you use same in a sentence?

Same sentence exampleIt was the same man, she was sure of it. … Was it wishful thinking, or did she see the same love in his eyes? … It was described in China about the same time. … It’s always the same , Chauncey. … I’ll do the same thing! … She tried again with the same results.More items…

What does if its all the same to you mean?

used for saying that it makes no difference to someone whether one thing happens or another thing happens. You can stay or go, it’s all the same to me. if it’s all the same to you (=if you do not mind): I’d rather wait until tomorrow, sir, if it’s all the same to you.

What is the meaning of same?

1 : something identical with or similar to another. 2 : something or someone previously mentioned or described —often used with the or a demonstrative (such as that, those) in both senses. all the same or just the same. : despite everything : nevertheless.

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