Where Is The Ghost In Ding Dong Dell?

Where is Horace After Hamelin?

Ding Dong DellHorace will be back in Ding Dong Dell after the events in Nevermore Castle, and after the event that follows it, if you’ve answered all his riddles up until now.

Find him at the cemetery in upper Ding Dong Dell.

The answer this time is “UNLEASH” and Oliver will learn the Thunderstorm spell..

What’s the answer to Horace’s riddle?

FINEST FIBERThe answer to Horace’s riddle is “FINEST FIBER”. Oliver will get the Vacate spell from the ghost.

How do you beat khulan nightmare?

Strategy. As with the last Nightmare, this one is naturally weak to Light, so you can spam Arrow of Light if you like, or just directly assault with several All-Out Attacks with your strongest familiars. With this, you have a good shot of canceling attacks and knocking loose some gold glims for serious damage.

Where is Motorville Ni no Kuni?

IdahoBased on the interstate highway shield, Motorville is located in America, although there are no official records on what state it is. Judging by the special on the local potatoes at Leila’s Milk Bar, Motorville might be located somewhere in Idaho.

Where is the blue chest in Ding Dong well?

Make your way east now, and when the path turns south after you have gone in the water, check behind the stairs and in the water to find a blue chest.

How many errands Ni no Kuni?

136With 136 of them, there’s much more to come back to should you ever hunger for just a bit more content.

How do I get back to Dell ding dong?

Find the mysterious girl at Oliver’s house and follow her to the fat cat. Take the missing cat back to Leila’s shop in the north. Once you do, cast Gateway and head back to Ding Dong Dell.

How do I get through the Ding Dong well?

DOWN IN DING DONG WELL The torch lighting puzzles are easy. Light all three to unlock the nearby door. For the second puzzle, you will come to a torch with water across half of the floor and rubble blocking you directly ahead. Ignore this torch for now and head right.

Can you fast travel in Ni no Kuni?

Ni No Kuni 2 actually allows players to fast travel not just between major towns, but also smaller points of interest too. This is done by locating so-called trip doors – portals that transport Evan and his pals between areas. Trip doors are quite easy to spot – they’re represented by a glistening blue aura.

Where is the red earring in Ni no Kuni?

The red earring for this NPC is found in one of the twinkling pots in the city; for IGN’s recorded run, it was a pot near the entrance to the upper town (the area where the King’s statue is). Check the pot near the map junction between the upper and lower town.

Where can I find Plainswort flowers Ni no Kuni?

Directly southeast of Ding Dong Dell, along the eastern mountains, is another set of twinkling stars; examine these to get a plainswort flower. Just to the northeast of Ding Dong Dell is a very small pond with a waterfall letting out to the south.

Where are the mice in Dell ding dong?

First off, go to the weapon store in Ding Dong Dell. The Cawstermaster will point you to a mouse with glasses. Locate the thieving mouse in Ding Dong Dell’s upper area; there a narrow staircase that leads to the mouse and a light purple chest you can now unlock with the Mornstar (holds a Shimmering Scale).

Where is Ding Dong well?

Ding Dong DellDing Dong Well (ゴロネール地下水道 Goroneeru underground waterway) is an area located in Ding Dong Dell. It’s actually a series of sewers or a water supply, as hinted by the Japanese name, and not a well.

How do you get the green chest in Ding Dong well?

Ding Dong Well. Head to the way-point at the end of the area. From here, head all the way south to find the green chest behind bars to the east. It contains a [WATER BOMB GEM] (which teaches the Water Bomb Trick to a familiar).

Is there a save point in Ding Dong well?

Stick around a save point, fight as much as you can until you’re out of magic, heal up, and repeat. There’s no save option inside this dungeon at the start but I save before I enter it.

Who was the third smallest?

User Info: EgHeadFool. It’s the third smallest. If you read the fable it’s about, the order from smallest to largest goes: the prince, the lion, the dragon of the west, and then the dragon of the east.

How do you get a veil in Ni no Kuni?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Oliver obtains this spell from solving Horace’s riddle in Perdida. When cast, any enemies, overworld or otherwise, will not notice Oliver, and won’t try and attack him or run away.

How do you get a flint dagger in Ni no Kuni?

In Castaway Cove, after unlocking the alchemy pot, you are asked to create a Candle Cutter (Flint Dagger and Emberstone) and show it to the girl. Emberstones are generally found from slaying monsters around Shimmering Sands. The Flint Dagger is sold in Al-Mamoon.

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